Wooden Screw Stem Plough Planes

wooden screw stem plough plane
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Review By: I.Ball

Manufacturer: Various

Tool Type: Wooden Planes

Plane Type: Screw Stem Plough / Plow

For the core details of the old British wooden screw-stem plough plane please see the wooden plough / plow plane review with the exception of the following key parts to the screw-stem plough plane:

The screw-stem arms / fence are adjusted and controlled by arms with a screw thread. Simply turning the wooden collets moves the arms / fence backwards and forwards to the required position.

The old screw-stem plough plane fence’s are easier to adjust than the more common wedged versions.

The wooden screw-stem plough planes were more expensive to buy new than wedged stem plough plane. Versions of the screw-stem plough plane were still being made up until the late 1930’s, and possibly beyond this.

old mathieson wooden screw-stem plough / plow plane

Old Wooden Screw-Stem Plough / Plow Plane Manufacturers

The old wooden screw-stem plough / plow planes were produced by a number of manufacturers, the following is a list of wooden screw-stem plough / plow plane manufacturers:

Preston (Edward)

See the where to buy wooden screw-stem plough / plow planes page for a list of shops which sell these planes.

Finding More Information About Wooden Screw-Stem Plough / Plow Plane Manufacturers

The manufacturer's mark (if present) can virtually always be found on the front nose of the plane. If the plane is quite mucky or you hadn’t realised, this is the place to look to identify who made it.

Most planes also have an owner's name or many owner's names stamped into the front of the plane; these can often be easily spotted as they have been stamped more than once on the plane.

If you wish to delve deeper there are a few books out there to help identify the age of the plane(s).

The authority of these books has to be W L Goodman’s 'British Planemakers fom 1700 – third edition' book but be prepared to pay some money for this book as it is no longer available to buy new (at the time of writing this) and secondhand copies of the book are in demand.


Manufactured Dates

? - 1940>


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