Stanley Shoulder Rebate Plane - No. 94

stanley 94 plane
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Stanley 94 Plane Review By: I.Ball

Manufacturer: Stanley

Plane Type: Shoulder Rebate

Model No: 94


The Stanley shoulder rebate plane number 94 is a 1 1/4 inch wide plane used for fine work where extreme accuracy is required such as work carried out by cabinet makers.

The sides and sole of the plane are square with each other allowing the plane to lie perfectly flat when upright or on either side. The plane can be used on either the right or left.

The cutting edge of the 94's plane blade spans the entire width of the plane.

The 94 has the useful features of both the plane blade and depth of throat opening being adjustable.

stanley 94 plane

The Stanley 94 plane was coated in a nickel plating. This plating is prone to coming off through years of use, as such these planes are often found today with partial plating cover or even no plating cover.

The Stanley 94 plane is the widest of one-of-three shoulder planes in the Stanley shoulder rebate plane range. The other two shoulder planes in the range being the number 92 and 93. Also part of the range was the smaller Stanley number 90 bullnose plane.

The plane amazingly has been manufactured since Victorian times (19th century). The design still has a contemporary look and feel to it. It must have been a design which really stood out in Victorian times.

Additional Information

stanley 94 plane

Adjusting The Mouth: The mouth of the Stanley 94 plane is adjusted by firstly loosening the locking-screw located on top of the plane towards the back-end. The locking screw is loosened using a flat head screwdriver).

The mouth can then be adjusted by sliding the bottom piece to the required mouth size position.

The locking screw should then be tightened once the required mouth width is found.

Note: Ensure all pieces are loose before making adjustments, don't force adjustments as damage to plane parts could occur.

Plane Construction

stanley 94 plane

191mm (7 1/2 inch)

32mm (1 1/4 inch)

cast iron

Lever cap:
cast iron

Blade :
best quality steel

Plane finish:
nickel plated

Stanley 94 Plane Blade / Cutter

Cutter Width: 32mm (1 1/4 inch)

Top Of Blade Shape: Oval

Plane Markings

"94" - found on the top of the plane.

"Stanley SW made in USA" marked with the sweet heart logo (I believe there were other markings on this disc at different times in the earlier times until the disc was removed from the design??? The 94 I believe was only made in the USA???) - found on the face of the disc on the nose (front) of the plane (on earlier models).

Manufactured Dates

<1898 - 1934>

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