Stanley Router - No. 71 1/2

stanley router 71 1/2
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Stanley 71 1/2 Review By: I.Ball

Category: Old Routers

Manufacturer: Stanley

Plane Type: Router

Model No: 71 1/2

The Stanley router number 71 1/2 is a two-handled hand tool used for cutting, cleaning and smoothing grooves / depressed surfaces parallel with the surface of the work.

The Stanley 71 1/2 is referred to as a closed throat router due to the router body being flat with a closed face, this is in contrast to the open mouth routers which have a raised hollow arch (bridge) at the front of the router.

The advantage of the Stanley 71 1/2 router over the Stanley 71 router is it is better suited to very narrow work such as on the edge of a piece of timber.

The 71 1/2 routers do not have a depth stop.

stanley router 71 1/2

The 71 1/2 router was supplied with three cutters as standard: 1/4", 1/2" and 'V' (splayed smoothing cutter).

Note: the 'V' cutter is not the same profile as a 'V' chisel or carving tool.

The blades on the router can be set facing to the front for regular work or they can be set towards the rear for bull-nose work. The blades can be set to rear facing by removing the collar clamp and turning around. The cutters can also be adjusted upwards and downwards to the required depth by a screw adjustment.

The Stanley routers at the time of first creation were designed as a modern development on the previous common wooden routers known as 'granny tooth routers' or 'old woman's tooth routers'.


How To Sharpen A Router Cutter For A Stanley No. 71 1/2

Sharpen the router cutter on the bevelled side of the cutter using a slip stone / sharpening stone. Once sharp, remove any burrs / wirey pieces of metal with a flat swipe or two of the slip stone underneath the cutter.

The router cutter shouldn't be sharpened from underneath; the underneath should be flat with no bevel.


Stanley No. 71 1/2 Wooden Bases

stanley router 71 1/2 with wooden base

Some Stanley number 71 1/2 routers come with an additional wooden base applied to the sole of the router. These routers aren't a completely different router but a router where a user has applied their own wooden base.

A wooden base can be applied by securing the base to the sole with the use of two screws being screwed through the two screw holes running through the body of the router and then into the base.

The reason for this feature is to allow the user to be able to use the router on very large openings by creating a large base.

If you are looking to make your own base, obviously care should be taken to ensure sufficient space is left in the base for the cutter to operate.


Router Construction

stanley router 71 1/2

Cast Iron

Maple (1920's - 1930's)

Nickel Plated

7 1/2 inches

2 1/8 lb


Router Markings

"Stanley No 71 1/2" - found on the top face of the router

"Made In USA" - found on the top face of the router


Manufactured Dates

<1898 - 1934>


Router Also Known As

Stanley Hand Router 71 1/2
Stanley Closed Mouth Router 71 1/2
Stanley Closed Throat Router 71 1/2
Stanley Router Number 71 1/2
Old Stanley Router 71 1/2
Old Stanley Grooving Tool
Secondhand Stanley Router 71 1/2


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