Stanley Tongue And Groove Plane - No. 48

stanley tongue and groove plane 48
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Stanley 48 Review By: I.Ball

Manufacturer: Stanley

Plane Type: Tongue And Groove

Model No: 48

The Stanley 48 Tongue And Groove plane is as the name suggests, a specialist hand plane designed for tongue and groove work.

The Stanley 48 is adjustable to form a range of width tonguing and grooving cuts on boards 19mm (3/4 inch) - 32mm (1 1/4 inch) thick.

The Stanley 48 plane was designed to remove the need for having a range of wooden tongue and groove planes, as such it is a space saver.

The plane body is 10 1/2 inches long with a cast iron body, a rosewood front knob and two cutters.

stanley plane 48

Each cutter is secured in place with the use of a knurled nut. The early Stanley 48 planes had brass knurled nuts, the later ones had steel nuts.

The tongues are formed by setting the fence to the required width. Once the tongue has been formed in the piece of board, the fence is swivelled round to block off one of the cutters which in turn forms a grooving plane. The groove cutter will now be exactly in the right position to form the corresponding groove.

The early versions of this plane had a patent mark 'July 6, 1875', they also had black japanning and an ivy décor on the side of the rear handle.

Interestingly Stanley opted for a metal rear handle opposed to a wooden rear handle such as those seen on the Stanley 45 and Stanley 55 planes.

I believe this must have been one of the first and one of the few Stanley planes to not have a wooden rear handle.

The handle shape slightly resembled saw handles with a prominent upper and low tote.

In addition to the Stanley 48 there is a Stanley 49 tongue and groove plane which is an almost identical tongue and groove plane that is designed for use on thinner boards.


Plane Construction

stanley plane 48

cast iron

best steel


Plane finish:


Plane Construction

stanley plane 48

cast iron

best steel


Plane finish:
nickel plate


Plane Dimensions

10 1/2 inch

1.36 kg (3 lbs)


Manufactured Dates

<1909 - 1934>


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