Record Shoulder Rebate Plane - No. 311

record shoulder rebate plane
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Reviewed By: I.Ball

Manufacturer: Record

Plane Type: Shoulder Rebate

Model No: 311

The Record shoulder rebate plane number 311 is a three-in-one plane. The body splits in to three main body pieces. These three pieces offer the user three different functions.

The user can use the tool as a shoulder plane (all three body sections together), a bullnose plane (the rear body piece and the small attachment) and a chisel plane (just the rear body piece).

The body pieces are attached using a simple screw which allows the user to quickly and easily change the relevant body piece over.

The use of the small bullnose attachment with the rear piece makes the plane identical to the Record 077A.

record plane 311

The Record 311 plane has a shouldered blade which spans the full width of the plane. The blade is secured in place with the use of a curvacious lever cap which locks in place with the use of a securing wheel/screw underneath the lever cap.

The depth at which the blade cuts can be adjusted using the fine adjustment adjuster wheel/screw at the rear of the plane. The cutter on these planes are bed on a low angle.

The Record 311 was based upon and was almost identical to the Edward Preston 311 three-in-one plane. Record had taken over the Edward Preston plane range and saw little reason to change the Preston 311 design. After a very long production run spanning almost 60 years, the Record 311 was taken over by the Sheffield company Clico who used virtually the same pattern for their Clifton 3110 plane.


Plane Construction

record plane 311

high grade cast iron

Lever cap:
high grade cast iron

Blade (earlier models):
crucible cast tungsten steel

Blade (later models):
high quality tool steel

Plane finish (earlier models):
nickel plated

Plane finish (later models):
bright finish


Plane Dimensions

6 inch (15.3cm)

1 1/8 inch (2.9cm)

0.91kg (2lb)


Plane Markings

"Record No 311" or "Record" - found on the left side of the large nose attachment.

"Made In England" or "311" - found on the right side of the large nose attachment.

"Record" or "Record British" - found on the top of the lever cap.


Manufactured Dates




Plane Also Known As

Record 3-in-1 Plane
Record 3-Piece Rebate Plane


Are There Any Problems / Issues With This Tool?

Be aware the body parts are often not interchangable with a different 311 plane; they may fit but be slightly out of line.

If you need to buy a replacement main body part you may be wise to test the part before you buy.

Buying a replacement blade should be absolutely fine. The blades of the Record 077 and 077A planes will fit the 311 also.


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