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Record 05 Review By: I.Ball

Category: Old Jack Planes

Manufacturer: Record

Plane Type: Jack

Model No: 05

It should be noted this Record 05 plane review is a review of the older Record 05 planes, it isn't a Record Irwin 05 plane review.

The Record jack plane number 05 is a well-made plane constructed from high grade cast iron with a machine-ground, squared sole and sides.

The plane is equiped with a brass depth adjuster wheel located behind the blade/frog; this fine adjustment mechanism allows the user to easily set the depth at which the blade is set.

The Record 05 is also fitted with a lateral lever adjuster located behind the top of the blade; this allows the user to adjust the blade laterally by simply moving the lever left and right.

record jack plane 05

The combination of the depth adjuster wheel and the lateral adjuster allows the user to set the correct position of the blade quickly, easily and accurately without too much cumbersome fiddling about.

The rear handle and front knob are made from selected hardwood, usually stained/varnished Beech with the earlier plane handles being made from Rosewood.

The design and the position of the wooden handle and knob make handling the plane very easy and comfortable to use.

The plane came with a Record Tungsten Steel plane blade. Each plane blade was hardened, tempered, precision-ground and tested to ensure the blade was of the best quality.

The Record 05 plane body is finished with a rich dark blue finish. There have been slight variations in the finish colour during its manufacture time which have seen a pattern of the blue colour getting lighter over the years.

record jack plane sole

The 05 is very similar in appearance to the Stanley number 5 and the Woden W5 jack planes. At a glance it can easily be mistaken for a Woden W5 jack plane due to the plane being of an almost identical construction and the finish of both the 05 and the W5 being a dark blue colour.

The only distinguishing features between a Record 05 and a Woden W5 are the markings on the plane. The most obvious is the name on the lever cap (providing it hasnít been replaced).

Generally the plane blades, handles/knobs, screws and most parts of these planes are quite universal to these types of planes and can usually be interchanged with one another.


Plane Construction

record jack plane 05

Body and frog:
high grade cast iron

Lever cap:
high grade cast iron with a plated finish

Cap iron:
best quality steel

crucible cast tungsten steel

Depth adjuster wheel/nut:

Handle and knob (earlier models):

Handle and knob (later models):
selected hardwoods

Plane finish:
Record stove enamel blue


Plane Dimensions

355mm (14 inch)

2.15kg (4 3/4lbs)

Cutter Width:
51mm (2 inch)


Plane Markings

record jack plane 05

"Record" - found on the top face at the front of the plane.

"No 05" - found on the top face at the front of the plane between the blade and the front knob.

"Made in England" - found on the top face at the rear of the plane.

"Record" - found on the lever cap face.


Manufactured Dates

1931 - 2013+


How To Date This Plane

record frog

Each plane shows a number of clues to help identify the age of the plane. Two of the clues are: the type of wood used for the handles and the type of trade label found on the rear handle (if it is still present).

Another clue is the type of frog. Earlier Record frogs had a flat face. This type of frog was produced 1930's - 1959 (shown in photo).

Later Record frogs had a number of recesses. These types of frogs were made from 1960 onwards (shown in the plane construction section photo).

These clues are exactly that. Each clue is an indication towards the date. Parts can be changed over time so these clues are not full-proof on their own. However the more clues you can identify the stronger the dating evidence becomes.

Other clues to finding out the manufacturing date of your Record T5 plane include the the type of Record box/packaging (if still present), the blade (if it is original) and to some degree the paint colour.

For more information view the 'how to date a Record plane' on the Record Plane Reviews website.


Plane Also Known As

Record Bench Plane
Record Plane 05
Record Iron Jack Plane 05


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