Edward Preston Shoulder Rebate Plane - No. 1367

edward preston plane 1367
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Review By: I.Ball

Manufacturer: Edward Preston

Plane Type: Shoulder Rebate

Model No: 1367

The Edward Preston plane 1367 is a 5 inch long shoulder rebate plane from the Edward Preston rebate plane range.

The plane is constructed with a cast iron body, Rosewood wedge and cast iron plane blade.

The plane body is one solid piece with a smooth curvy top for comfort and an elaborate, spectacular design on the plane sides.

The sides incorporate the letters 'EP' set within a pair of cherries motif otherwise known as the Edward Preston two cherries logo.

edward preston plane 1367

This Edward Preston rebate plane was made for fine work with a fine mouth, and with the plane sides and sole prepared perfectly flat and square with each other. The flat and square sides and sole allow the plane to be used on either of the sides or standing upright.

The plane body is finished in a nickel plating. This plating gives the plane a bright finish. The plating is a surface coating which over time can scrape / flake off, as such these planes are often found today with partial plating cover or even no plating cover.

The plane blade is a 5/8" (16mm) wide bevel edge cutter made with best cast steel. The bevel edge is positioned in the plane with the bevel facing upwards with the cutting edge spanning the full width of the plane (as with most/all shoulder planes).

The blade is secured in position with the use of the wooden wedge.


Plane Construction

edward preston plane 1367

Body: cast iron

Wedge: rosewood

Plane finish: nickel plating

Edward Preston 1367 Plane Blade / Cutter

Material: best steel

Width (bottom): 5/8 (16mm)

Top Of Blade Shape: Rounded corners

Blade Markings:

Edward Preston 1367 Plane Markings

"EP" - found on either side of the plane body inside the two cherries motif.


Plane Dimensions

5 inch

16mm (5/8 inch)


Manufactured Dates

1900's - 1934


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