Edward Preston Router - No. 22

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Category: Old Routers

Manufacturer: Edward Preston

Plane Type: Router

Model No: 22

The Edward Preston router number 22 is a small tool which is used parallel with the surface of the work for cutting, cleaning and smoothing the bottom of grooves and depressions.

This portable little router was originally supplied with a 6mm (1/4") cutter.

There are two holes to place the cutter stem through. These holes run from top to bottom with one hole located in the center of the router and the other hole located towards the rear of the router.

The cutter can be positioned to operate as an open mouth router or a closed mouth router including being able to carry out bullnose work.

The open throat / mouth is the section underneath where there is an arch / bridge. The closed throat / mouth is on the oposite side where there is a metal border in front of the cutting area.

When the cutter is inserted in to the rear (outer) hole, the router will be very useful for getting into corners and carrying out bullnose work.

The cutter is held in position in either of the holes with the use of a milled nut. The face of the milled nut includes a turn-screw slot for use with a flat-head screwdriver. The milled nut easily locks and unlocks by simply turning by hand.

The turn-screw slot as far as I can see isn't generally used. It does however become very useful if the locking nut has seized up as the extra leverage of using a screwdriver to unscrew the nut is much more effective than turning with fingers.

Unlike the larger versions of Edward Preston routers, the small Preston 22 router is not fitted with a fine cutter adjustment screw nor are there any knobs/handles fitted, instead the router has some central panels to grip.

This small router was part of an evolutionary advancement from the wooden 'grannies tooth' routers and no doubt a market driven, commercial step forward from the iron routers being produced.


How To Sharpen A Router Cutter For A Preston No. 22

Sharpen the router cutter on the bevelled side of the cutter using a slip stone / sharpening stone. Once sharp, remove any burrs / wirey pieces of metal with a flat swipe or two of the slip stone underneath the cutter.

The router cutter shouldn't be sharpened from underneath; the underneath should be flat with no bevel.


Router Construction

Body: cast iron

Cutter: 6mm (1/4 inch)


Manufactured Dates

? - 1934


Router Also Known As

Small Preston No. 22
Small Preston Number 22
Small Router by Edward Preston
Small Preston Router
Little Preston Router
Edward Preston Grooving Router
Edward Preston Depthing Router


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