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Veritas Router Plane Review By: I.Ball

Category: Routers

Manufacturer: Veritas

Tool Type: Router

Model No: N/A

The Veritas router plane is an innovative reinvention of the earlier iron Stanley routers and Record routers.

The Veritas router is a two-handled hand router plane used for cutting, cleaning and smoothing grooves / depressed surfaces parallel with the surface of the work.

The Veritas router is usually supplied with two cutters as standard:

- 1/2” Straight Blade
- 1/2" Pointed or ‘V’ (splayed smoothing cutter) Blade

Note: the ‘V’ cutter is not the same profile as a ‘V’ chisel or carving tool.

veritas router plane

The blades on the router can be set facing to the front for regular work, they can be set towards the rear for bull-nose work or they can be used laterally (left or right).

The chosen router cutter is placed in the router facing the preferred way, with the stem passing upwards through the collar and with the bevel side of the cutter facing upwards.

Each cutter has a notch at the top of its stem which locates with the base of the brass depth adjustment knob. When passing the cutter through the stem, ensure the collar is released. The collar has a very useful spring loaded action to ensure the blade is held in place when the collar is released.

Once the cutter is in place, ensure the collar is secured by tightening the collar locking screw.

The router is also equipped with a depth stop. The depth stop is located below the brass blade adjuster on the same rod. The depth stop can be adjusted and set by releasing the small depth stop screw and sliding the depth stop to the required position and then re-securing the small depth stop screw.

The cutter can be accurately adjusted by turning the brass depth adjustment knob. Each turn of the knob moves the cutter upwards or downward 1/32”.

veritas router plane

The Veritas router plane is fitted with two splayed Bubinga wooden knobs offering the user comfort and control when using the plane as well as giving the router plane a fine appearance.

The router body is made from ductile cast iron and is finished with a black finish. The sole of the router has been machined and ground flat.

The router plane is sold with a cutter sharpening jig. The cutter is fitted to the sharpening jig by removing the cutter portion of the blade from the cutter shaft and then attaching the cutter to the jig.

The cutter can then be sharpened with ease without the awkwardness of the cutter shaft interfering.

The router can be fitted with an optional fence, optional extra cutters and a user made base.

The Veritas router plane is sold in a plain brown cardboard box which has a big photo label on the box with a photograph of the tool and details of the router's core information.

The patented Veritas router plane is made in Canada.

veritas router plane

Router Base

As with most versions of the Stanley 71 router, the Veritas router has two countersunk holes to allow the user to attach a user-made base to the sole of the router with two number 10 screws (usually the bases are chosen to be made from wood as this is the quickest and easiest way).

The reason for this feature was to allow the user to be able to use the router on very large openings by creating a large base. A base can be secured to the sole of the router by screwing the two together using the purpose made holes in the router.

Care should be taken to ensure space is left in the base for the cutter to operate.

veritas router fence

Router Fence

The Veritas can be used with the Veritas router fence. This item is usually an optional extra item.

The router fence is designed to guide the router cutter along the piece of wood at a set distance; keeping the cutter at an equal distance from the fence provides a constant straight cut or groove.

veritas router cutters

Router Cutters

The full range of cutters available for the Veritas router plane include:

3/32" Straight Blade

3/16" Straight Blade

1/8" Straight Blade

1/4" Straight Blade

1/2" Straight Blade

1/2" Pointed Blade

3mm Straight Blade

4mm Straight Blade

5mm Straight Blade

6mm Straight Blade


Plane Construction

stress-relieved ductile cast iron


Plane finish:

Construction Origin:


Plane Dimensions

mm ( inch)

mm ( inch)

907 g (2 lb)

Veritas Router Plane Blades / Cutters

Cutter: high-carbon steel (HCS)

Standard Cutters:
- 1/2” Straight Blade
- 1/2" Pointed or ‘V’ (splayed smoothing cutter) Blade


Manufactured Dates

? - current day


Plane Also Known As

Veritas Router 71
Veritas Routerering Plane
Veritas router plane
Veritas large router
Veritas two handled router


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