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This Ashley Iles Wood Carving Tool review covers the tools made by Ashley Iles (Edge Tools) Ltd, England.

Ashley Iles are renowned for their huge, extensive range of wood carving tools all over the world which at the time of writing this review sits at 1400 different wood carving tools.

Ashley Iles wood carving tools are made to traditional standards using traditional techniques and craftmanship.

Each carving tool blade is forged, ground and tempered in the old way that many of the classic old wood carving tools were made.

The blade is finished with a bright polish finish and marked with the sweep number for easy identification.

The tool is finally fitted with a Beech carver pattern handle which is finished off with a brass ferrule.

ashley iles wood carving tool

There are so many great things about these tools including their edge retention, easy to resharpen, knowing the history, knowing the tool has been made in a long-used traditional way.

The range is made to the London Pattern numbering system which is the same numbering system which has been used for generations including old Addis carving tools, old Herring carving tools and many other traditional British wood carving tool makers use/used, e.g.

Sweep 1 is a - straight - double-bevelled chisel
Sweep 2 is a - straight - skew chisel
Sweep 3 is a - straight - very, very shallow gouge

Sweep 4 is a - straight - very shallow gouge
Sweep 5 is a - straight - shallow gouge
Sweep 6 is a - straight - medium shallow gouge
Sweep 7 is a - straight - medium gouge
Sweep 8 is a - straight - medium deep gouge
Sweep 9 is a - straight - deep gouge
Sweep 10 is a - straight - very deep gouge
Sweep 11 is a - straight - very, very deep gouge
Sweep 39 is a - straight - Vee tool - with a 60 degree angle
Sweep 41 is a - straight - Vee tool - with a 45 degree angle
Sweep 45 is a - straight - Vee tool - with a 90 degree angle
Sweep 51 is a dog leg carving tool
Sweep 52 is a dog leg carving tool

ashley iles wood carving tool

The Ashley Iles Wood Carving Tools are made in the following main carving types:

     - Straight
     - Curved
     - Fishtail
     - Spoon
     - Back Bent
     - Dog Leg

Within the above carving types there are the following profile types:

     - Chisel
     - Skew
     - Gouge
     - V / Vee / Parting

(some of these profile types are only available for some of the carving tool types)

ashley iles wood carving tool

Each of the wood carving tool styles/sweeps is available in many different sizes from narrow to wide e.g. 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", ...

The size refers to the measurement from one edge of the cutting edge to the other edge.

Most of the straight Ashley Iles wood carving tools are available in sizes up to 2". The sizes available above 1" (25mm) are 1 1/4" (32mm), 1 1/2" (38mm) and 2" (51mm).

The straight carving tools above 1" in size are made using the Allongee pattern. The Allongee pattern is where the blade splays from the shoulder towards the cutting edge.

Ashley Iles also make some other wood carving tool styles and speciality carving tools not listed here.

Ashley Iles make a number of wood carving sets with the most famous being the Ashley Iles York Carving Set There is also the larger sets which contain the York set tools within them: Ashley Iles Canterbury Carving Set, and the Ashley Iles Westminster Carving Set.

Ashley Iles also produce other woodcarving sets.

Cautions / Notes

* Important: please refer to the 'disclaimer' at the foot of this review.
* Wearing safety clothing and eye protection is usually a good idea to help protect against injury.

- This tool has sharp parts, take suitable precautions when using/handling/storing the tool to prevent injury.

Ashley Iles History

Ashley Iles Tools have been making tools for generations and still remains a family run business today with Ashley Iles sons Tony and Barry running the show.

Ashley Iles Tools have been making wood carving tools since 1949, not long after World War II, when pattern maker Ashley Iles decided to start making tools himself and the Ashley Iles Tools began.

Until 1967 the tools were made in Sheffield, beyond this the business moved to East Kirkby in Lincolnshire where it still remains today. For more information on the history of Ashley Iles, there is a book called "Memories of a Sheffield Toolmaker, Ashley Iles".

See the Old Ashley Iles Carving Tools review for more details about old Ashley Iles Carving Tools.

Manufactured Dates

1949 - Today

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